Pikachu Pop! Vinyl in Australia/New Zealand

Pikachu Pop! Vinyl

Ikon Collectables would like to address the recent announcement by EB Games Australia and New Zealand that they have the exclusive rights to the Pikachu Pop! Vinyl that will arrive in Australia/New Zealand in December.


The information is correct and this decision about the exclusivity of this item was solely made by Nintendo/The Pokemon Company.

In the USA the exclusive retail partner on this item is Target and Nintendo/The Pokemon Company have decided that the exclusive retail partner for our territory (Australia/New Zealand) will be EB Games.


Whilst Ikon will be supplying EB Games with this item, it is not within our power to change this exclusive arrangement or supply any other retailers as the licensor has selected the retail partners they want to work with in each territory.


Funko produce a multitude of exclusives for retailers such as Walmart, Target, Hot Topic and Walgreens as well as many others in the U.S. which retailers in our region have access to, so only once in a while does this situation occur.


We apologise for any frustration this may cause but the situation is out of our control.



The team @ Ikon Collectables